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Welcome to my fashion doll home on the Internet.

I'm a lifelong collector of fashion dolls including Barbie, Gene, and the Furga Alta Modas. I've been sewing for Barbie and friends since I was eight. More recently, I've begun creating miniature knits for my dolls, too. It's been fun to see how realistic I could make these tiny fashions. It's been even more fun to exchange ideas and sewing tips with other doll collectors.

This site started as a handy place to keep track of websites that sell miniature sewing notions and patterns. I'm proud to say that I was the first person on the Internet to offer such a list. Now I'm expanding my site to include sewing tips, sewing clip art, and photo galleries of my own dolls. In addition, I've been weeding out my collection a bit, so I'll also list dolls and other items for sale here.

What's New -- January 2008

Most of the links should be working now. I've also upgraded my account to remove all the annoying banner ads and pop-ups. If time permits, I plan to add more pictures and articles throughout February and March. (Construction clip art courtesy of

To make updating easier, I've also started writing a couple of blogs. is now online to share my latest sewing, knitting, quilting, and doll projects. I'll still be adding things to this website, so check back often. To see my original art in progress, you can check out Please visit me at my blogs and let me know what you think.

And, finally, I'll be opening an Amazon Store from my website. I'll be offering reviews of books I've read personally, so you can decide whether they meet your needs or not.

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for stopping by!

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